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Where to Open Your Forex Accounts in Order to Maximize Your Profits and Cash Flow

William Alheim Jr

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Since 1997 when the Foreign Exchange Markets (Forex or FX) where opened to the private investor there has been a proliferation of brokerage firms offering Forex accounts and the opportunity to trade the once private domain of the large financial institutions. When a individual is attempting to select their first account they are going to be overwhelmed with marketing pitches from the different Forex accounts attempting to explain why there brokerage firm is the best and why you should only invest your money with them.

The selection processes is not an application that can be completed quickly if you are really going to take time to examine all the factors that could or will make you a successful Forex traders or one that wishes they never heard the word Forex. A good place to start is by asking your family and friends which firm the use and why? Make sure to ask them what they like about the Forex brokerage firm they use and also what they don't like about it. First hand advice from people you trust is always beneficial information and is usually held in the highest regard.

I personally have opened an account at virtually every brokerage firm I have ever found. That's what professional do, it a compulsion thing of some kind. At least that is the way I explain it to myself in an attempt to justify this need to see what everybody has to offer. I always say to myself the same thing, “it doesn't cost anything, so why not?" Seriously though, I always come back to Easy Forex as my principle trading platform. I just can't seem to get away from them.

I use Each Forex as my main Forex account for the following reasons. First and foremost is their tremendous customer service. Next, I always examine a firms security features and the downtime of their servers. It only takes one time for a server to go down when you attempting to get out of a bad trade and you lose $50,000 instead of the $2,000 you would of lost if the server had not go down to realize there is a reason why Easy Forex is one of the largest firms in the world. They have two separate severs kept at different locations, so if one ever has a problem you are immediately transferred to the other one. It is almost impossible to explain how important this is to someone that has never traded, so trust me it is critical. And finally when the opportunity permits itself I am able to triple my profits on specific trades as compared what the normal firm offers. One aspect of Easy Forex I really like is the ability to trade Gold and Oil at the same time I am trading currencies.

You can have as many Forex Accounts as you want. They are all free to open which allows you to look around and get a fell for the place. Most brokerage firms offer you a free demo account to use while you are trying them out, which I highly recommend. I like Easy Forex, but that is my personal preferences, I fully encourage you to look around and join as many firms as you desire and determine which one meets your personal wants and needs.

We have researched, tested & reviewed 100s of Forex Courses, Software Systems and Brokerage Firms which we only list our TOP 10 to help you LEARN FOREX TRADING . For 100s of FREE FOREX TUTORIALS please visit LEARN CURRENCY TRADING . Good Luck! I look forward to seeing you on the trading floor making money! William R. Alheim, Jr. , CPA, MA


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