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Currency Trading Systems - A FREE Currency Trading System That's Made Millions!


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There are lot's of currency trading systems sold online but why buy one, when you can get one of the best for free? If you want a free proven system, read on and we will reveal it to you in full. . .

Before we look at the system itself, let's compare it to systems that are sold and se which is better.

The system enclosed makes money and most sold systems do not.

You will see a lot of forex trading systems and robots sold but they don't make money - why? They have never succeeded in real time and the track record is simply a back test and done knowing the price history. The above robots don't make money, traders simply fall for over the top copy and their greed gets the better of them

Now this system works and as it's just got one parameter or rule, it cannot be bent to fit the data which is a trick most sold forex robots use.

Lets now look at the system which is called the 4 Week Rule and was devised by Richard Donchian back in the seventies here it is:

Buy a new 4 week calendar high and then wait for a 4 week calendar low to take a short position. Keep doing this reversing a short for a long or vice versa when the 4 week high or low is hit

With this currency trading system you always have a position in the market as it's a stop and reverse system.

The above rule is very simple but it makes money and the reason why, is two fold.

Most strong trends start and continue from breakouts to new market highs or lows and breakout trading is therefore highly effective. Most big forex trends last for a long time and range in duration from a few weeks to a year or more. Simply look at a forex chart and you will see them. As long as markets trend, breakout trading will be effective and they always will so this system will always hit and hold the longer term trends.

It also has other advantages in terms of operating the system.

1. It's totally objective - you follow the rule and you don't need to think.

2. It's very time efficient and takes around 15 - 30 minutes a day.

3. You don't even need a software program to do the calculation, you can do it on a piece of paper

All the best currency trading systems are simple and complicating a currency trading system does not guarantee success at all.

The system does require discipline to trade it and it's not easy to follow long term trends and a system that's not bothered about pinpoint market timing - but if you can use this system and stay with it long term, it will reward you and enhance the profitability of any forex trading strategy.

This system has been used by traders for years and many succesful forex strategies incorporate it and has made millions for these traders and could make you a lot of money too.

Of course another great benefit is its free! You don't get much in life for free that makes money. Richard Donchian has left it for all traders to use and make money with and for that we should be grateful.


For free 2 x trading Pdf's and more on this great FREE Forex Robot and an exclusive risk free Currency trading Course visit our website.


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