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The Main Advantage of an Automated Trading System


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Emotions; I think I could end the article here but let's continue. Manually trading is an emotional ride man, like the first time I sold too early I was pretty angry at myself; I missed out on over $1,200 profit because of my paranoia. I still remember that day, the EUR/USD pair was rising and I bought it low just as it was start to rise and within seconds I saw it kept rising so I sold it and made $200 profit, go me right? Hah, it went up to over $1,200. Was totally lame and it stayed peaked at that level for like 3 days; way to rub it in my face.

If I had an effective trading system I wouldn't have had this problem because my emotions wouldn't have got in the way. Like a lot of their sites say, there's no room for “human error". Let's pretend I'm in the above situation again, this time with a trading system taking care of the work though; not a paranoid pasty white guy. It's not going to sell just seconds after it starts rising; it'll wait until it peaks and if it starts to go back down it'll sell quickly. How do I know this? I'm actively using 3 different trading systems and they all react the same way, some better and faster than others.

How do you find an effective trading system though? Check this home skillet; I have a fool-proof method that I've used for years. First what you do is make sure the trading system has a 60 day money back guarantee (we need AT LEAST this amount of time to evaluate it) then make sure you can use a demo account. A demo account let's you play the trading game with “play money" so you can see if you can profit from the trading system without investing your real cash; like I needed to tell you that.

Use the demo account for 59 days and if you see you can make profit you keep the system and invest your real cash. If there's no profit to be made you get a refund and try another system; see how that works? You have the advantage of actually testing it first, oh its genius!

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