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Forex Currency Trading Trade Currency in the Largest Financial Market


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Forex currency trading is carried out all across the world and is the largest financial market in the world. The major players in the forex market are the central banks of the country, major commercial banks such as Citibank and Bank of America etc, multinational corporations. The major portion of the trading is speculative trading while only 5% of the trading is for correcting the currency. The daily volume of the trade is worth US$3.2 trillion.

Though forex currency trading can be done in any foreign exchange, 85% of the trade is done in the major currencies. The major currencies are US Dollar, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, The British Pound, The Euro, Japanese Yen and Swiss Franc. The Us Dollar accounts for nearly 28% of the total forex market.

OTC market which is operational 24 hours a day

It's an OTC market or an over the counter market where forex currency trading is done in pairs. This means that USD would be sold to buy Japanese Yen or Swiss Francs would be bought and Euros sold consecutively. The forex market has no centralized exchange and is solely conducted through the phone and the electronic medium including the internet.

It's a 24 hour market and the major centers of trade are Sydney, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, Frankfurt and New York. Investors will usually react to the changes and the fluctuations in the forex market immediately unlike the stock and the commodity markets. The changes are shown on the screen every second. Deals are done on a second to second basis.

Forex currency trading is always done in pairs and the spread is the profit

The forex trading quotes are also given in pairs and the bid and the ask rates are always mentioned together. In the pair USD/JPY, USD is the base currency. The forex currency trading that happens in non USD pairs is known as cross currency trading. The fundamental and the technical for trading in each currency pair are different.

The quote for USD/JPY will always be given as 110.3456/110.3450. This means that 1USD can be sold for 110.3456 JPY and 110.3450 JPY would be required to purchase 1USD. In forex currency trading the difference between the bid and the ask rates is the spread or the profit that the forex trader will make.

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Online Currency Trading - Making A Profit By Trading the Forex Market
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