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Forex Trading You Could Lose Money If You Dont Change Your Personality While Trading


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Forex Trading can be a difficult business. In fact it is a ruthless business. Many have venture into forex only to find themselves losing money. In order to be successful in forex, you need to have the right kind of personality when trading. Changing your personality while trading can get you ahead of the race in forex.

So, why do you need to change your personality when trading forex? Let's look at forex, it is ruthless, unmerciful, does not care who you are or who your father is. So if you are a kind person, doing a hundred good deeds everyday, do you think forex will let you profit from it? Surprisingly, no.

Here's my point, to trade forex, you need to keep all of your emotions in a box, locked it and throw away the keys. You need to be another person when trading forex. Emotions can make you lose money in forex. Let's look for example, you are on a losing trade, you know you should cut your loss short, but something tells you, that it will be okay, the market will have a reversal or something pretty soon. So you leave your trade losing in the hope of it will turn and eventually make you a profit.

Another example is, you saw this candlestick was moving really quickly all of the sudden, then something tells you to catch a ride on it, and you need to hurry or you'll miss out. And so you enter the market, only to find yourself looking at a reversal and eventually your trade turn to loss.

That is why it important to keep those emotions locked. You need to be a robot when it comes to forex trading. And most people cannot achieve that because as humans, we are born with emotions.

If you find it hard to lock your emotions up during trading, then don't trade at all. You will lose money. Do what most elite trader do, use an automated trading system. Most elite forex trader find it easier to make money in forex using an automated trading system, because it does not involved human emotions.

There are many automated forex trading system out there, but only a few that is capable in making consistent profit. For a complete guide to help you in finding a profitable trading system, just click here .


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