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International Currency Trading - Advantages and Disadvantages of Currency Trading


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International currency trading offers a route to financial freedom but there are advantages and disadvantages of trading and here you can look at them and decide if currency trading is for you. . .

First international currency trading is just that - its an international business and today anyone can get involved all around the world and lock into the worlds biggest business opportunity.

Its not just the big guys and traders are opening accounts online all the time seeking big profits but a word of caution - 95% of traders lose because despite the advantages they don't approach this business seriously.

Here are the main advantages first

- Anyone can learn currency trading no college education required

- You can do it quickly in about 2 weeks and be making big profits in about 30 minutes a day

- You only need 100 to open an account and can leverage this by 200: 1 or more

- Your only other overhead is a computer and an online connection

- You can seek big profits everyday and there is never a recession

Really it is the perfect home business and while anyone can learn to win, there are certain disadvantages and here are a few.

- It's a challenge to be a trader and you need to do it on your own.

Don't fall into the trap of following junk robots or scientific regular income nonsense - it's a big boys and girls game and relies on your education and your mindset to maintain discipline, which will ead you to success.

- You need to use leverage wisely 200: 1 forget it on a small account 10 - 20: 1 is enough more novice traders wipe themselves due to over leverage than any other reason.

- You must learn to play great defence first and make sure you understand how to cope with volatility.

Picking long term trend direction is easy; trying to get in and out with your trading signals at the best times is hard.

The Challenge

Most traders get the trend direction right but get stopped on a recoil back and then see the currency move back the way they thought piling up thousands of dollars and their not in - the challenge is to trend follow and manage volatility.

Make sure your forex trading strategy can cope with it or your in with the 95% who lose.

The Opportunity

International currency trading is tough but you would expect that with the amount of money you can make.

For the trader who has a burning ambition to succeed and stand on their own and take responsibility, this is a great business and if you approach it as a business and take your losses and run your profits, you can enjoy a great second or even life changing income and enjoy currency trading success.


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Online Currency Trading - Making A Profit By Trading the Forex Market
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