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The Important Knowledge of Successful Forex Trading


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I wanted to take the time to share with you the important knowledge of successful forex trading. This is a big business with a lot of money to be made, so investing yourself into learning the necessary skills just makes sense. 95% of traders lose money. That means only a slim minority is actually making all those profits. Why? Because they've invested in themselves to learn the skills necessary to profit.

I think the first thing you need to learn is some basic math. You may just need to review some math on the internet to figure this all out. You always need to be asking yourself if your money is making a return and how much is that return as a percentage. You're in this business to make money, and you have to be making money, but you also need to be making more than inflation. Typically that is around 3%, but in our current economy inflation is a little higher. You want to make sure when you're in a trade that you're earning more that 3% return, especially if this is a long term trade.

You also need to learn the necessary skills of predicting outcomes. There is no perfect science or math for this, but you can figure it out to a very probable degree. The question is what you need to learn. Well, typically, you're going to look at currency graphs in the candlestick format because it the nicest looking and contains the most information. There are memorized scenarios that can teach you a lot about what will happen to a currency.

I suggest you get Forex Candlesticks Made Easy. It is an informative book that will teach you the fundamentals of reading the candlestick graphs. You don't have to do any memorizing. It is designed to teach you how to fully understand the graph and instantly interpret what will happen.

Check out Forex Candlesticks Made Easy.


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Forex Trading - Secrets To Becoming A Successful Forex Trader
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