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Currency Trading Basics And Tips


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I'm here to share with you some of my tips and the currency trading basics that build the foundation of a profitable long term income. This is the largest market in the world with over three trillion dollars US being traded each day, so there is a huge opportunity to make a profit.

  • Trade For The Exit: Exit, is another word for selling. We have been trained in society to think about things counter-intuitive in the currency trading market. We look at prices and try to find the best deal. Well, in the currency market, there are a lot of cheap prices, but that isn't a smart move. We're not buying as a consumer, we're buying with the intention of selling it sometime in the future(1min - months). That means, we haven't profit unless our exit price is a lot higher than our buying price. This means you have to start looking a trades, not by the buy price, but by the expected potential of where a currency will go. If you can sell a currency a month from now for 20% more than you bought, it is irrelevant how much you pay for it.

  • The “Fed": The “Fed" or Federal Reserve is the central bank in the United States. The information on this point applies to all central banks in any country. You probably have heard that the fed's job is to control inflation. The thing you rarely ever hear is that they control the supply of money in the economy. Since currency still follows supply and demand, this means the fed can quickly change the direction of a currency with any policy change. You'll often hear that they “cut" interest rates or “raise" them. This is how they control the supply of money. A cut will allow more money to enter the economy, which drives down the price of the currency. A raise will slow the amount of money that enters the economy, which drives the price up.

  • Don't Be Smart: You don't have to figure and develop these sophisticated trading plans and ideas. Keep things simple because simple works. If you can break everything down into simple daily tasks, you'll do much better.

I'm currently giving a 7 day free forex course. Newbies and experienced are all welcome. If you're interested in participating, check out the Casual Forex Trader.


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