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Forex Trading For Beginners - A Lesson How People With No Trading Experience Made Millions After 14


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Forex trading for beginners can seem daunting in trying to find the best education to put you on the path to currency trading success. Here we will look at a lesson on how after just 14 days traders with no experience made millions! Let's look at what you can learn.

In the late nineteen eighties legendary trader Richard Dennis taught a group of ordinary people to trade in just 14 days and they went on to make $100 million in just 4 years and became legends.

Dennis was proving that anyone could learn to trade, with the right mindset and education and he was proved right in spectacular fashion.

How did he do it and what can you learn - Lets find out.

He taught his pupils a simple forex trading system, so simple in fact that anyone could learn it and the people he taught were not boffins just ordinary Joe's and included:

An actor, a security guard, a kid fresh from school and a couple of card players to name but a few.

Simple systems work best as they are more robust in the face of ever changing brutal market conditions. Dennis however knew that this was not enough and it isn't.

You need not only to have a robust method but the confidence in it and the discipline to apply it - this is the hard part.

He taught them the system, how and why it worked NOT just to follow a set of rules blindly.

He knew that if they didn't understand it and have confidence in it they would never follow it with discipline. He therefore taught them to stand on their own two feet and think for themselves.

In interviews with the traders in the experiment, they all talk about following the system with discipline being the key to success and how hard it actually is.

The Lesson You can learn Is. . .

Anyone has the potential to win and make a lot of money. While successful trading is hard, it is achievable and the rewards can be life changing.

Another key point is - you can't follow anyone else to success, you must learn the right forex trading education and have confidence in it to win and apply it yourself.

The most important point though is discipline is the key to success.

This comes from learning the right information and having the confidence to follow it with discipline.

If you have the right mindset you can win - this is half the battle.

Sure, you may not become as rich as the above group of traders - but the opportunity is there for all and you can achieve currency trading success and earn yourself an income you can be proud of for your efforts.


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