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Learn Currency Trading The Correct Way


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I'm going to help you learn currency trading the correct way. Often people jump right in and are quickly overwhelmed in information. Things aren't really that difficult, it just happens to feel that way because you jumped right in. This is a business you start slowly because you can lose money pretty fast if you jump right in.

What is margin trading?

Margin trading is an interesting concept that most people don't understand or think is too good to be true. Basically, you'll put a deposit into your account, say like $100, and you're allowed to trade up to $10,000 in currency. Seems like free money, but it isn't. What you're doing is trading with the brokers money and since it is a lot more you can leverage and make more profits. This is a good thing that brokers like because you make them money, they make you money. Win-win for everyone. The broker will cut you off completely and end all trades if your losses come anywhere near close to your original deposit. It's a way to leverage more money in trades, without the broker risking to lose any money.

What are exit trades?

Exit trades just means what you're going to sell at. When you're making trades, you never go and look at the buy price first, that's stupid. You make your money on what you sell it at, so that's your main concern. You need to able to prove to yourself that a currency is going to go up significantly more than it is to buy. That's how you find a profitable trade.

What is the philosophy of forex trading?

Philosophy always boils things down to simple points. This case will be no different. Currency will only go up or down. There is no other thing it will do. This makes your job easier. You need to find out the characteristics that mean a currency is going to head up or down. That's how you'll find great trades.

I'm currently giving a 7 day free forex training course. Newbies and experienced are all welcome. If you're interested in participating, check out the Casual Forex Trader.


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