Ways to Acquire Discipline in Trading

Joe Ross

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One way to acquire discipline in trading. . .

“Hey Joe! When you were teaching us at our Forex office in Florida, you stressed discipline. Our head trader stresses discipline. What I want to know is if discipline can be acquired or is it just something you are born with? I’m having trouble finding it in myself. ” - trader -

Personally, I believe discipline can be learned, although at times it is very painful. When I began trading, I was a very undisciplined person. But trading and the markets forced me to become disciplined. Was the discipline already there and just needed to be extracted? Or did I actually learn it? I can’t truly be sure.

One of the largest trading firms kept their offices near Yeshivas. A yeshiva is a rabbinical school that produces rabbis of the Jewish religion. The students coming out of the yeshiva were highly disciplined and made excellent traders. Was the discipline innate in those yeshiva students? Or did they learn it under the strict supervision of the rabbis who controlled their lives? I think they learned it.

I’ve mentioned previously that it can help to keep a journal if you want to learn discipline. The journal I kept was very basic and included what trades I made during the day and my reasons for getting into the trade. It is what I did with the journal that helped me to be disciplined. Anyone can make entries into a journal. I let the contents of my journal keep me in line. It became my supervisor. I took to heart what I wrote there. I no longer keep that kind of journal because it has served its purpose in making discipline into a habit in the way I trade.

Joe Ross
Trading Educators Inc.

Joe Ross, trader, author, trading educator is one of the most eclectic traders in the business. His 47+ years include position trading of shares, and futures. He day trades stock indices, currencies, and forex. He trades futures spreads and options on futures, and has written books about it all - 12 to be exact. Joe is the discoverer of The Law of Charts™, and is famous for the Ross hook™ and the Traders Trick Entry™.

Trading Educators, Inc.
Trading Educators was founded in 1988 by Master Trader Joe Ross. He is the president of Trading Educators and actively supports his customers with his experience of more than 47 years of trading.

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Trading With Discipline Key To Market Timing Success
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