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Automated Execution Forex System Trading


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The concept of automated execution forex trading is quite revolutionary. It enables you to execute the trade automatically and anytime during the day, based on existing technical indicators and custom trading rules. There are many features of automated execution, which are extremely helpful for a busy trader. No human can ever match the level of efficiency of an automated trading system.

Unlike the human trader, automated forex execution system does not have any physical limitations on the number of markets and trading opportunities. Moreover, these software-based systems are free of basic human emotions like fear and greed. The system executes your trades faster and more efficiently than any human. Once your order is filled, it automatically places them for you.

Automatic execution for forex trading takes care of automatic trailing stops, especially if the trader is losing in a particular trade position. It also acts as account equity management software. With automatic execution, you can place multiple stop or limit orders. You can also place discretionary market orders.

Once your order is sent, the software monitors the market until your order is actually filled, and lets you know with an alert. You can also have the advantage of partial fill. The biggest advantage is, however, you can explore various technical analysis indicators for finding a trend following system.

Forex system trading supports multiple technical indicators like weighted moving average, exponential moving average, vertical horizontal filter, standard deviation, etc. Automated trading is able to perform or execute trades in real time. Because of the automation, a trade can be closed within few milliseconds, which can never happen manually.

Automated execution trading also offers greater diversification. You can now trade in various local as well as international markets within varying time zones without being physically present. You can place more trades on a single day, thus increasing the average volume of trades per day.

Most of the trading systems are easy to operate. Instructions are presented in lucid languages, so that you can understand the trading rules and use them easily. You can automate any trading strategy including multiple conditional entries and exits, profit targets, protective stops, trailing stops, etc.

With automated execution forex system trading, the evaluation of exchange rates and market conditions can be done within a few minutes, as forex data are updated in real time. This lets you apply the power of an algorithm based trading system.

The systems are extensively back tested. So if you wish to diversify from your own trading style, or want a better risk management control, a forex trading system with automated execution is just right for you.

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Automated Forex System Trading
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