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Visa Black - A Luxury Credit Card

Christina Thomas

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There are really just two high-end luxury cards that have been making waves in recent years; the Visa Black Card and the AMEX Centurion. Both have precisely the kinds of amenities that the well-off require from a charge card, although the AMEX is far superior. The main difference is the ease of accessibility of the Visa Black in comparison.

We have all heard the whispers of the amazing benefits of the American Express Centurion Credit Card; from the personal concierge service, to the huge discounts on vacations, free hotel rooms and much more (funny how these card-holders are the ones who hardly need anything for free!). However, if you plan on getting one – cancel that plan; it's only available to the rich, or to businesses that spend enough each year to charge at least $250,000.
Cut scene to Visa, and her own brand of luxurious credit cards, in the form of the patent-pending carbon Visa Black Card.

Supposedly available to three million United States residents, based on income, they Visa has virtually pole-vaulted off the mystique of the Centurion to land its own prestigious customer base. The black-on-black commercials, showing scenes of leisure and wealth, are the driving engines behind the Black Card storm that has descended on the populace. What makes this card stand out from the plethora of other credit cards on the market?

Barclay's Bank is actually the issuing company behind the Visa Black Card, and has definitely used the media to highlight the unique carbon imprint of the card, which makes quite thud when placed on the counter. With benefits ranging from the 1% cash-back and travel amenities, to the round-the-clock concierge desk, Visa Black aims to serve all of your personal needs as pertains to making travel and purchases comfortable and professional.

Their rewards program promises to endow you with gifts from recognized brands such as Nordstrom's, Macy's, Steakhouses and other top restaurants. Additionally, you will also have access to an independent VIP airport lounge program that owns nearly 600 exclusive lounges in almost 100 countries, to relax you travel-weary legs away from the general bustle of a busy airport.

Of course, as would be expected, all of this comes with a price. There is a $495 annual fee for the Visa Black Card, which might initially seem hefty, but consider that it's just $41 per month. With a good-to-great credit score, an application could be merely days away from your mailbox, or you can simply be proactive and go after the Visa Black Card. Just be certain that the annual fee doesn't register as “high" to your monthly income, and that prestige is high on your list of considerations. With the spending power that this card is capable of, you should be sure it fits your lifestyle.

That failing, you'll get to take full advantage of the prestige it offers when you slam the heavy carbon card down on a counter for some service. Eyes will turn, women will gasp, men will turn green - that's what you got it for, after all, right?

The author is an former analyst in the credit industry, and does test trials for credit cards such as the Visa Black Card , various platinum cards, and the famous AMEX Centurion, card of the wealthy. He is often commissioned to write reviews of these cards based on market acceptance and projection, and splits his time between San Francisco and Kansas, where he has black visa card-appointed office space in either city.


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The Homeland Visa Prepaid Credit Card Many Options For Todays Consumer
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