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Kredi Karti Borcu Taksitlendirme is financially paralyzing


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When you use a credit card to buy something, you buy it by borrowing the money from the bank. Kredi kartı borcu accumulates when you fail to pay back this money to the bank. Repaying credit card bills is one of the toughest challenges that a person might face in his life.

What exactly is the trouble with these cards when the general rule for it is you buy something on credit and return the money later? The truth is that the real scenario is not very smooth because people often do not use the credit card responsibly and spend beyond their limits and then find themselves neck deep in debt. On the other hand, if used responsibly, credit cards can prove to be one of the best short term loans available. But, unfortunately the case is seldom so. Most of the time, it turns into a huge-interest loan enough to ruin your finances.

A big minus-point for credit cards is that along with its convenience comes the bad habit of over-spending. It has been found that people spend around 40% more with such cards than with cash. Quite obviously, it is the temptation of easy spending that people find hard to resist. In case of cash, you tend to become conscious as soon as the cash starts decreasing from your wallet; it is this consciousness that lacks in the case of credit cards.

These cards also charge a service fee in order to open and maintain your account. These charges are often upfront which involves low balance to begin with when you receive your card. Paying fees for spending money can be quite expensive and also illogical. If the balance in your card is huge, the fees along with interest can be difficult enough to be paid in a short span of time.

Interest is another way in which you can lose on finances. It is the most prominent way in which credit card companies earn revenues. They charge an interest for every change you make in your credit card plans. You can however waive the maximum part of the interest through the payment of kredi kartı borcu taksitlendirme before the end of the grace period which is mostly not more than 20 to 25 days. But most of the users do not enjoy this benefit because of over-expenditure and consequent failure in repaying it.

The repayment of debts also hampers your savings. If you are contributing a huge chunk of your income for paying debt, then obviously you won’t be able to save money to reach your financial goals.

In the long run, kredi kartı borcu can actually ruin you if you fail to make the payments. You could be tagged a delinquent and the creditors can also sue you and relinquish your income in order to get back the money. And, in worse cases, you might get bankrupt. Filing for bankruptcy may rid you off the debt but it can financially paralyze you for ever.

Credit card can be helpful and convenient if used responsibly. One should always pay the outstanding kredi kartı borcu taksitlendirme on time so that debt does not get accumulated.

Kredi Kartı Borcu Taksitlendirme (aka KKBT) is the name who writes this article for people as a free, informative and helpful publication.

kredi karti borcu taksitlendirme

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