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Choosing the Best Credit Card Deal for You


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I have just hung up the phone after having had to deal with another salesman claiming that he has an unbeatable offer for me from the best credit card company around and that I should not miss this offer as it was only available for a limited period of time. This time I did not get angry about being disturbed whilst I was trying to concentrate on my work, and instead I just laughed at him. I explained my mirth to the poor perplexed guy by telling him that his was the third such call I had received within as many days.

It seems that it is no longer sufficient to just have a one normal credit anymore- you need at least three credit cards, all for different areas of your life. You need to keep your business, family and social spending separate and for each you need the best credit card deals around, and obviously every company trains its sales staff to try and convince potential customers that this particular company offers the best credit cards.

When choosing the best credit card to suit you, be careful as there are some dodgy companies about and always read and check the small print before you sign up for those best credit card deals being sold so aggressively. Terms and conditions vary from company to company and many will offer attractive gifts and incentives to try and lure you into choosing them. A lot of banks and private credit card companies will offer you tempting services such as nought per interest on all balance transfers, in order to try and get you to move your custom from your existing credit card company, to them.

I remember when my father got his first credit card and we all discussed the advantages of having one and could hardly wait until we could get one of our own, since as children we thought that he was getting all his purchases for free as we did not see him getting cash out of his wallet. We later learnt that we also did not see the credit card bill he received six weeks later! My father was extremely conscientious about making the full payment within the specified time limit so that he would not need to pay interest. This attitude has rubbed of on all of his children and thank God none of us have ever had problems with credit card debt.

The best credit cards are those which offer low interest rates on and it is always worth your while to shop around and try to get the best credit card deals. You can shop around on the internet these days and all the paperwork will be sent out to you so that you can sign on the dotted lines and you will be sent your card as soon as they approve your application. Credit cards are very useful but need to be used responsibly and sparingly.


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Choosing the Right Student Credit Card
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