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Factors that influence a Credit Report


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There are several factors that are taken into the account while calculating the credit score. Knowing them can be highly beneficial.

The exact method for calculating the credit score is still a secret as the proprietorship of this belongs to Fair Issac Corporation. Only the scores and the variables are delivered to the consumers or the applicants. There are five major factors that are involved into a credit score calculation. You have to understand the process of credit score improvement and keeping it perfect to get a loan from the lenders easily. Each of the variables is important for a good credit score. However, they do not carry the same importance. There are some factors which carry greater value and some other factors which carry lesser value.

Now, let’s have a look on the factors that are considered at the time of the credit score calculation:

1 Payment History

Approximately, 35% of your credit score depends on the payment history. Hence, it signifies that the late payments will make your credit to go down and the timely payments will give you a good credit score benefit. The credit score calculation also includes the time of the payment into the account for a fair credit score calculation. If your payments are so late, then you will surely get a bad credit score.

2 The outstanding debt amount

The outstanding debt amount also carries a good importance on the credit score determination. Normally, the more debt you have the more negative score you will get. The simple method to cope up with this factor is to have a credit balance which should not be less than the 25% of the maximum amount.

3 Your account’s age

The time duration of your credit account also influences the credit score . To get a good score, do not close your oldest credit accounts. It is the easiest way to get the history of your behavior with your creditors. Older credit account means, you have acutely maintained it. Hence, it predicts your future good behavior also.

4 New Credit

New credit account also has some impact over your credit score. The number of new accounts is the most influential factor. A new credit account creation will affect your credit score through negative marking for a short period of time. This happens due to risk factors for opening a new account. But, if you manage them properly, your credit score will rise up easily. Also, if you do not create a new credit account for a long time after creating one, then you will get a lot of positive marking in your credit report. Hence, if you think about the long run, opening a new account is not a bad thing. But, you have to stick with the mentioned conditions only.

5 Credit types

The type of the credit also bears some importance in credit report or credit score calculation. For a positive influence in this area, you should have various kinds of credits, such as – mortgages, car loans, auto loans, etc. you must have one big loan among them for a better credit score.

Hope, you have learned credit report scores meaning and the thing that can influence your credit report. For the next, prepare your financial decisions according to this.

Inquiries appear on your credit report when you apply for a loan and you authorize the lender to request your credit report . Understanding your credit report can be confusing, especially if you're reading it for the first time.


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