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International Prepaid Visa Gift Cards


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Everywhere you look, someone’s talking about how the world’s getting smaller. And in some ways, this is true. But if you’ve ever tried to build an employee incentive program that stretches around the globe, you know that some political and cultural differences are stronger and more distinct than ever. And you know these differences often make traditional incentive programs impractical, impersonal and perhaps even insensitive. What motivates people in one country – cash, for example – might be uncouth in another. At Virtual Incentives, we believe e-incentives, like versatile Virtual Visa prepaid programs, go a long way toward breaking down these barriers and unifying employees behind common goals.

In today’s fast-paced, online world, people expect a quick turnaround on practically everything. Your employees are no different. They respond best to immediate gratification and flexible rewards.

Virtual gift card incentive programs give you the ability to offer almost immediate rewards for performance, eliminating any lag time between the outstanding performance and the award.

And while it’s easy to view cash as an even more immediate reward, research shows e-gift cards are more powerful incentives. Consumers – that is, your employees – prefer the flexibility of virtual prepaid cards which give them the flexibility to shop anywhere, anytime. Plus, cash-based incentive programs can be a nightmare to manage, but Virtual Visa® makes it easy to create and maintain even multifaceted, international gift card and employee incentive programs.

Simply put, Virtual Incentives can help you build more powerful and effective international incentives programs with international gift cards. Here’s how.

Standardized virtual rewards: Unlike old-style programs that relied on localized catalogs or other programs, Virtual Incentives lets you offer the same rewards to all of your employees, in the form of a Virtual Visa gift card, which recipients can use to shop online. If internet access is slow or limited in any of your locations, you can also buy bulk gift cards to supplement your incentive programs.

Reduced administrative costs: Traditional incentives, particularly on an international scale, are a nightmare – an expensive one. Virtual Incentives removes the hassle from your large-scale programs, saving you shipping costs, automating currency conversion and more.

Improved flexibility and power with online gift cards: Virtual Visa cards essentially let your employees create their own rewards, as they’ll able to use their e-gift cards to shop anywhere that accepts regular Visa cards. This ensures they will receive a real, meaningful reward – further reinforcing their positive performance.

Instant e-gift cards: Perhaps the most compelling reason to use Virtual Incentives is the speed.

Electronic gift card system enables you to deliver rewards almost immediately - rather than weeks or even months later through traditional programs. This is a powerful way to strengthen the tie between outstanding performance and rewards, which delivers dividends long after your incentive program has finished.

Virtual Incentives sells prepaid visa gift cards to its corporate clients that are purchased in bulk for their employees or customers. These prepaid gift cards can be redeemed easily and instantly.


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