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Barclaycard Plans to Do Away With Plastic Credit Cards


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In the future we may not have to pay for purchases using credit cards, well not in the conventional sense anyway. Paying by using your credit card in the past typically involved your card being presented to the cashier and it having an imprint taken using a rolling press and ink paper, this was later replaced with electronic card readers which allowed greater protection as these machines reported straight to your credit card company.

These days we've progressed beyond that to the now ubiquitous Chip and PIN system, so we now don't produce a signature to authorise purchases but instead adopt the system we've used at ATMs for years, by using a secret four digit PIN number.

This has all been done in effort to combat credit card fraud and research conducted by the credit card companies says that it has helped cut the number of cases significantly. Last year Barclaycard started a pilot scheme for a contact-less payment system using RFID chips inside key fobs or mobile phones.

Barclaycard's OnePulse system aims to make consumers able to pay for goods without having to root around in their wallets or purses to get the right credit card out, holding up a queue of irate shoppers in the process.

The credit cards provider has said that you would still be able to use a conventional plastic credit card if you felt nostalgic in the future but with the new RFID system being touted as the next step in payments for things as varied as vending machines and train tickets in other countries such as Japan there is every chance that you'll be moving with the times and adopting the new technology for most aspects of your life.

The main quote from Barclaycard that rings true is that if someone told you ten years ago that in the future you wouldn't be able to pay for your weekly shopping with a cheque, you wouldn't believe them. Plastic cards are soon to go the way of the cheque Barclaycard intend to issue over a million contact-less credit cards by the end of the year in an effort to increase the adoption of the new technology. Many new 0% credit cards will be offered via the new contact-less methods pretty soon.

If you're interested in getting a credit card then make sure you check out all the credit cards on offer and compare their rates and implications if you fail to meet the repayments. One of the common offers and best deals are to be had on 0% credit cards .


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