Make Sure Your Credit Report Is Correct to Improve Your Interest Rates And Lower Insurance Premiums


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Did you know that you could make sure to get the best rates on your auto and homeowners insurance simply by having a good credit score.

Additionally a great credit score will allow you to get the best interest rates on your credit cards, car loans and even your home mortgage. With interest rates as low and as favorable as they current are why shouldn’t you take advantage of them?

What to do – Probably the most important first step you can take would be to order your credit report in order to view its accuracy and check for any glaring errors that could cause you problems or lower your credit score. A good credit score generally speaking is above 750.

There are 3 companies that offer credit reports. TransUnion, Equifax and Experian. There is a slight cost however a new law allows consumers the right to one free credit report every year. As of this writing only consumers on the West Coast can enjoy this benefit. Mid-west states can start receiving their free credit reports around the 1st of March 2005. For those of you that live in the South expect to be able to order your free report starting 1 June 2005 and if you’re on the East Coast you’ll unfortunately have to wait until the beginning of September 2005 in order to claim your free report.

Please don’t take this lightly - your credit score is very important to your financial success in life. Even if you have managed to avoid making late payments or over drawing on your current credit limits you can still be in harms way. Recent reports have suggested that almost 79% of credit reports contain an error of some kind. The really bad news is that 25% of these errors are harmful enough to where they could cause some serious issues in your attempts to receive credit, better rates and lower your insurance premiums.

Additional recommendations include the obvious such as continuing to make payments on time combined with an outstanding long-term credit history and low credit usage. You can use this to your advantage by keeping your oldest credit cards debt free. Also ask for credit limit increase every once in a while. However make every attempt to avoid signing up for new credit cards or other forms of credit unless absolutely necessary.

If you do find out that your credit report does indeed contain errors promptly contact the credit bureau that issued you the credit and dispute the errors. If the bureau is unable to verify that the errors are indeed correct within a 30-day time frame they must remove the erroneous information from your report.

Taking the simple precaution of verifying your credit score could result in a substantial deduction on all of your insurance premiums and could significantly improve your rates for a new home or car loan.

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