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Free Credit Report And FICO Score Online


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When finances are of topic, you must recognize your FICO score. This is one of the important things you can know if you are applying for a mortgage, credit card, lease, or any other financial instrument. Your FICO score is determined by many factors. Some factors that can impact your grade are just errors and are not your fault. Hence, keeping track and knowing your FICO grade is very helpful to determine if there have been unusual changes that has been going on on your finances.

Existing and past fiscal activities are calculated to determine your FICO recognition scores and recognition reports. Payments and balances from credit cards, home mortgages, auto leases, new loans, utility bills, liens, even suits, installment loans and judgment are included in your FICO score. The better you are in managing your debts in the past and how good you are in making payments will give you a higher recognition study, thus, giving you a higher FICO grade.

FICO Score Range - How Does Your Score Rank?

FICO scores range from 300-850, with a higher score representing a better credit reputation. 700 to 850 shows excellent or very good credit, 680 to 699 show a good standing, 620 to 679 represents a good/average credit score, 580 to 619 signifies a lower than average score, 500 to 580 represents poor credit, and 300 to 499 means a bad credit standing.

Check Your Score At Least Once A Year

It is important for you to know what your FICO grade is and what spectrum it lies since this can help you decide on loans and skate rates that you are planning to take. The better you handle your own private fiscal position, the better you can improve on your ranking and make the most out of your money.

Checking your credit report standing and progress must be a routine to you. If you maintain your standing and improve it, you will have an easier time in the future to make financial decisions. However, if you do not check up on it and it ends up dropping and draining for a long time, your financial future will look dreadful and you will find it hard to recover.

How Do I Check My FICO Score and Credit Report?

Now that you are aware of how your FICO score impacts your finances, you may be wondering “How do I get my free online FICO score ?" Easy, To learn more about obtaining a free online credit report, visit , an excellent resource on credit reports and your credit score. There are dozens of websites that offer totally free credit reports. There are so many, in fact, that it can be a little bit overwhelming when trying to decide which company to choose. Some things to look for when choosing a credit reporting service are: ease of use, customer service and assistance, detail of reports, accuracy of reports, and whether they offer to assist in repairing your credit score.

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Free FICO Credit Score
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