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Credit Repair Strategy - Repair Your Credit


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Checked your credit report recently? Caught in between despair and hopelessness? Well, blemishes on your report can cause immense problems. But it can be changed into a credit worthy report. Do not look for miracles to happen overnight but take up step by step care and planning that helps you overcome your despair.

Be Aware Of the Bureaus

Few know that the reports generated by three governing bureaus, to be precise, Equifax, Experian and Transunion, have minor but important dissimilarities which we often never know. The reason - we do not order for all three reports. You should also remember that denial of any insurance, credit or employment with reference to your credit report should be notified to the bureau to avail an unconditional and free copy of the report. A deadline of 60 days is provided between the denials and ordering of your report.

Have a Keen Eye

Most of the problems arise because your report is not analyzed properly. Once you get the report, scan for an error in every word and sentence of the report. Always take into consideration that your report is based on the information given by your creditor and it is by no chance verified. To identify spelling errors, technical errors and information that are incomplete should be done to keep your report updated, clear and most importantly, yours!!! Be scrupulous.

Follow a Strategy

So, what next? Make a clear list of the mistakes in your report and report them to the bureau. This can be done either by a dispute form that is provided or by sending a letter personally indicating all the mistakes. Be orderly. File all your documents, have a back-up for everything. Call the creditors to let them know about their error, if you feel it is necessary. The bureau removes any information that is verified to be inaccurate or untrue within 25 to 30 days of a dispute letter.

Make Efforts

No gain without pain; in this case, no good report without clearing debts!!! Negotiate with all your creditors and request for a reduction in payments. Make sure you repay your loans. Do not make the mistake of leaving a loan unpaid which will result in a ‘bad debt’ mark in your report. Maintain a longer history of credit by maintaining older account and keep a low balance in the account.

Stabilize Your Records

Show you are consistent. A good credit can always be re-established by adding any positive information. The more you repay, the more your improvement will be. Make use of secured credit cards. This can help in building a consistent credit history. Make use of the facilities available and open a savings credit account. It plays a positive role in establishing a fact that you are saving money for repayment.

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