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How To Find Credit Card Balance Transfer Offers

Gordon Goodfellow

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There are so many credit card balance transfer offers to choose from that it can be hard to wade through all the information available. . However, you can avoid this time consuming and difficult process by using an online credit transfer service. These services have done most of the work for you by sifting through a lot of the products on offer and presenting some of the best offers for you to choose from. Furthermore, they generally offer the ability to apply online through their websites, making the process even easier.

The purpose of credit card balance transfer offers is to generate new customers for credit card providers. Credit card holders are encouraged to transfer their credit card balances to a new introductory credit card with a low or zero interest rate for a specified period of time. Naturally, such an offer is highly attractive, particularly if people are paying high interest rates every month. However, once the introductory period has expired the new customer then pays the full interest rate.

The benefit of credit card balance transfer offers to the consumer is the opportunity to save substantially on monthly interest costs for the term of the introductory period. What a lot of people don't realize is that you can transfer your balance to zero-rate cards as often as you wish. In other words, when your introductory period is close to expiring you can apply to transfer your balance to a new interest-free card. At the end of the interest-free period of this card, you do it all over again. As long as you choose cards with low-rate periods of at least twelve months this process should not become too burdensome.

The financial benefits of doing this can be significant, particularly for those individuals with high credit card debt. However, remembering that your interest-free period is coming to an end can be a problem. Some of the better online credit card transfer sites offer a reminder service to counter this problem. You can opt to receive an alert to let you know when you need to apply for a new zero-rate credit card. This service can save you a lot of money because if you don't remember to do this, you will be back paying interest before you know it.

The reason to take advantage of low and zero-rate cards is to keep more of your income for you and less for the bank (or other financial institution). This means that the best credit card balance transfer offers will have low upfront costs and zero interest for a substantial introductory period. The goal is to minimize your costs and maximize your savings. If you are wise, some of those savings will go to reducing your credit card balance and getting out of debt as soon as possible.

Just because credit card balance transfer offers are marketing strategies for financial institutions, doesn't mean they can't be profitable for you. If you use the services of a good online credit transfer website and sign up to be alerted when the introductory period is near an end, you will be able to stay free of interest charges. You will have more money to meet your own and your family's needs, less stress and a rosier financial future.

Gordon Goodfellow's site shows you how to find credit card balance transfer offers in addition to offering 0 APR cards which remain interest-free for years. His associate site offers credit card transfers in the UK.


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