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Credit Repair - One Strategy To Regain Awesome Buying Power and Build An A-1 Credit Rating

Andrew Poletto

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First of all, go to any local bank.

Ask them if they report to credit bureaus because it's useless to use this strategy if the bank doesn't report. Open a regular savings account there for about $250. Wait 3 days for the account to be posted and then go back to that bank and ask for a $250 loan offering your savings account as collateral. Since your loan is totally secured by your savings account the bank shouldn't do a credit or employment check. If they do and you're uncomfortable with it, you can terminate the whole thing and you still have a $250 savings account set up.

OK, now take that $250 loan, go to another bank and repeat the whole process. Do this with at least 3 banks. Oh, always ask for a 6 or 12 month payment plan for the loans and don't forget to take the savings account book, for the bank your using with you to each deal because the banks will probably ask for the book. After leaving the third bank, you'll still have $250 cash in hand.

If you don't have a checking account, go to a fourth bank and open one up. Wait a couple of days to make sure all the paperwork got processed, then make one monthly payment on each bank loan from your new checking account. I suggest actually walking into each individual bank to make the payment, that way the people at the bank get to know you a bit, which never hurts. Especially if it's a smaller bank with a hometown feel to it.

Now, some people say to wait a full week and send your second monthly payment, but this may be tricky. Some banks require you to pay something each month, so if you make a payment the 2nd week, that may not mean you made your second month's payment. So I would suggest checking with each bank and don't assume

Repeat the process for the third week, which may or may not be your third month's payment.

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Credit Repair - Simple Credit Improvement Strategy
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