Trapped by a Credit Card

Sylvia White

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Seasonal cheer has come around once again and tills are dinging away merrily as people spend like there is no tomorrow.

Well they used to ding! now every thing is computerised and instead of money most people pass over that little card and don't think about the cost of what they are buying.

Then straight after Christmas the sales begin and people rush out to grab those bargains. But are they bargains? Have you taken into account the interest charges on that small piece of plastic that you pass over happily without a qualm.

The more you spend the higher those charges, and they are not just one off charges. How long will it take you to pay off the bill for all those bargains?
Just check your account each month and see exactly what you pay in interest until the amount you have spent is paid, were they still bargains?
Not that you will worry, after all the joy is in the spending without worrying about the cost.

Many people are now dependant on that piece of plastic, because where once upon a time they had money to spend, now the cash goes to pay monthly payments, its like a merry go round.

You might be one of those responsible people who pays their card in full every month and you do not have the worry about extra charges, but you are still dependant on it because once you have paid your monthly payment the cash has gone again.
If you are happy with the situation that is fine, but if you miss having some cash in your pocket then here is one way to get out of it.

The easiest way that I found to do it was this. As you are nearing the end of the month just stop and think! Do you really need that new jumper? or can you cut out two or three of those items of food shopping in your basket? If so then do it.

When you pay your monthly payment, instead of reaching the actual limit that you usually pay on your card you should have that extra few pounds left that you did not spend.
It might only be two or three but you have it in hand, search out a jug or vase and put the extra money in and forget it for that month.

The following and subsequent months do the same. If you can resist the temptation of touching that money until it reaches the actual monthly payment that you send, then you have broken the link and you have the money to get through the month ahead and your card is redundant for the time being.

I say time being because in cases of emergency your card is a great standby if the need arises. If an emergency does happen just keep it as low as possible so the payments are affordable without ending up in the same trap.

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