How to Build Your Personal Credit When You Have No Credit


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How To Get Credit

Everyone needs a personal line of credit. Many people have credit issues that cause them problems when trying to secure loans or obtain a line of credit. In today’s world it is essential to have a personal line of credit. For those just starting out in the world of credit it is important to learn how to build and maintain their personal credit.

Frustrating, But Possible

Starting out a personal credit history can be difficult. Most often when you apply for a line of credit you will be told that you have an insufficient line of credit. This is like a “chicken and egg” scenario.

To get credit they want you to have credit, but you can’t have credit if they won’t give it you. Confusing and frustrating, isn’t it? There are some lines of credit that you can get without having to have a credit history first.

Start Small

The most common place to start on building your credit is with a department store card. These cards are not associated with a major credit card company and can only be used at the specific department store. They give you a small line of credit to start out. You should pay your bills on time and keep a small amount of free credit on the card. After some time they will review your account and give you more credit. All the time this is being reported to the credit bureaus and building you a personal credit history. Other ways of building a credit history are to get cable or satellite service in your name. Phone companies and some other utility companies also report to the credit bureaus. The key is to start small.

Pace Yourself, and Don't Slip Up

Building your personal credit takes time and will not happen overnight. Building anything is hard work. Keep at it and do not slip on paying your bills in a timely manner. Once you get started it is easy to get carried away, so always be aware of your outstanding debt. Good credit can easily slip into bad credit and that is worse than no credit at all.

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