How to Improve Your FICO Score


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Lenders analyze your credit scores to establish whether or not to grant you a home mortgage, a car purchase, and nearly all other types of loans. If you think that you may apply for credit sometime soon, it would be advisable to improve your credit status. However, note that this quick fix can only deal with current credit issues and not the ones which have been present for years.

The best way to have good credit history is always pay your bills on time. In case you do come across rough patch contact your creditors as soon as possible and discuss the best course of action you should follow. If you are vigilant and contact them within a good time period the companies may agree upon a lower rate or work out a payment arrangement. This can help reduce the portion that shows up on your credit reports. You can also consider contacting a non profit credit counselor.

It goes without saying that maintaining your credit card balances, and if possible, paying your bills regularly are good ways to keep your credit score good. Don't open new accounts that you don't require as a quick fix to achieve a better debt-to-credit-limit ratio. It actually would lower your score.

Similarly, don't open a number of new accounts in a short span of time, particularly if your credit history is no more than three years. Adding accounts too rapidly may be read as “you are not able to handle your credit responsibly”. Quite a few credit inquiries in a small time could lower you FICO score as you are attempting to open multiple new accounts.

The types of credit accounts for 10 per cent in your FICO score. These consist of credit cards or retail cards and loans such as installment loans, mortgages and car loans. You can loss as much as 20-40 points for such credit.

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