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Repairing your credit is something that is very “easy" to do …. NOT!!! There are tons of sites online telling you that you should repair your own credit but what they leave out is one simple truth. It is tedious and you are normally going to receive a letter from the credit bureau telling you that the info is correct. Take it from me, I did this for about six months before I realized they did give a d@mn whether the info was correct or not. I wasted countless hours writing and researching until the realization finally set in that the only thing I was doing was going in circles.

The fact of the matter was that there are companies (legal & legitimate) that were able to get more accomplished than I could. Try this, go to a hospital, tell them you are a doctor and ask to be prepped operate on someone. See how far the personnel will allow you to go before calling security. Credit repair works the same way. In order to make any headway, you have to know what you are doing and HOW to do it. You wouldn’t ask the person at the local drive-thru to give you your annual check-up or perform some high-risk surgery on you… would you? While you “CAN" repair your credit the fact of the matter is that your probably will take MUCH longer than someone who is skilled in this undertaking.

If you go to any of the “BIG 3" credit bureaus websites you will note that each has a section on avoiding credit repair agencies. They say that everything that these companies offer can be done on your own but what they don’t say is that they respond to these companies (positively) where you would be lucky just to word the letters correctly so that they’ll “actually investigate" your file. You can improve your credit fairly quickly (3-8 months) but you will need people that are skilled, legitimate, legal, and affordable in your corner. Watch out for all of the “too good to be true" repair scams, and there are tons of them out there.

Do you honestly think the bureaus want to do the work necessary to investigate your file? Take it from me, I repaired my credit within 8 months (560 to 705 and still rising) and didn’t know everything that I know now. Learn from my mistakes and start now.

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Written by Mark Redd contributing writer at http://www.nocreditnolife.blogspot.com


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Bad Credit Repair Is Now Easy
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