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JP Chase can be considered one of the pioneers of the modern bank credit card industry, when it issued its first credit card in 1958 along with the Bank of America. It continues to be a strong credit card issuer, and has introduced a few innovations of its own into the industry.

Over the past couple of months, JP Chase reaffirmed its commitment to establish a strong presence in the business credit card market, by being the first in the industry to issue credit cards with rewards for small business contractors. The JP Chase Contractor credit cards with rewards enable small business contractors to manage and improve their cash flow, by providing 60-day payment terms on qualified purchases in excess of $1,000.

Cash Rewards credit cards

Some JP Chase credit cards with rewards give the card holder cash rewards for usage. The contractors’ credit card is one such example, but there are JP Chase personal credit cards that offer the same cash rewards benefit. JP Chase credit cards with rewards for cash, may give between 2% up to as much as 5% cash back on certain purchases and 1% cash back on all other purchases.

The Chase Business cash rewards card is quite liberal with discounts and will give you 5% cash back on all kinds of purchases. A different card, the Chase Business Card with premier cash rebate will give 3% cash back on purchases at restaurants, gas stations, stand-alone office supplies stores, and home improvement and hardware stores. All other purchases receive 1% cash back.

When you choose between these JP Chase credit cards with rewards for cash, irrespective of whether it is a business credit card or a personal card, you should consider the nature of purchases that you make most often and go for the card that gives the most cash rewards for such purchases.

Flexible Rewards credit cards

Some JP Chase credit cards with rewards offer you flexible reward points. There are some cards that earn 1 point for every $1 spent, and others that earn as much as 3 points per Dollar spent on certain purchases.

The flexibility comes into play when you want to redeem the points. Unlike regular rewards cards, you are afforded a choice between travel, merchandise, cash, or gift certificates/cards. You are allowed to start redeeming when you reach 2,500 points. As a further sweetener, flexible rewards credit cards do not charge any annual fees.

If you select cash redemption, you will get $25 for every 2,500 points (equivalent to a 1% cash back reward). Redemption for travel may be done through an airline ticket, car rentals or hotel stays. If you opt for merchandise, you are given a pick of several products from well-known brands.

Regular Rewards credit cards

Regular rewards cards refer to traditional credit cards with rewards for frequent flyer miles and cash rewards. When you redeem your points for airline tickets through a travel agency service, you are normally charged a fee. You are also subject to restrictions such as space availability and fare classifications. There is also an advance ticketing period of 21 days.

In all of these JP Chase credit cards with rewards, you earn points only on actual purchases not on balances transferred, other non-purchase transactions and cash advances.

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