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These days, having good credit is extremely important. Whether you would like to buy a house, purchase a new car, or even get a good job, having good credit is essential to your livelihood.

Bad credit can be very devastating to most individuals and families. A couple with bad credit can be denied for a home mortgage or pay much higher interest rates than others with satisfactory credit. If you are looking for a job, many employers will check your credit rating to see if you are responsible or an at-risk individual. If you have bad credit, don’t fret, even the worse credit can be improved over time and with some hard work. Here are some tips on fixing bad credit.

First things first, request a credit report from the big three credit unions to see exactly what your credit rating is and if you have any problems with your creditors. Most creditors will either state that you have defaulted on a loan, are late with a payment, or are over your credit limit. In order to fix your bad credit, you need to know where the problem lies. Once you have the information on which creditors have reported you as unsatisfactory, you can then contact the creditor to address the problem.

Many creditors understand that once in a while unemployment, an illness, or injury and other emergency expenses can force an individual into financial difficulties. That is why it is important to contact them as soon as you know you will be late with a payment, or will not be able to pay a bill. Many creditors will try to work with you, lowering your minimum payment or allowing you to skip a few payments in order to get back on your feet.

If you find out that you are listed as unsatisfactory by a creditor, contact the creditor and work out a payment plan with them. A payment plan could be a small $20 per month payment, what a creditor is interested in seeing is that you acknowledge your debt and are working diligently to pay it off.

You can fix most credit problems by either addressing the situation with the creditor and being put on a payment plan. It may take a while to get that blotch taken off your credit report, but it will show that you paid off your debt and most creditors will keep you on as a client instead of canceling your credit.

If your bad credit is due to a discrepancy or identity theft, you must contact your creditors immediately and request information on the exact charge. At this point, you may need to speak to a lawyer to understand your full rights. Many identity theft claims can take a few months to clear up and can be complex and frustrating. However, if it is a huge amount of money and you have been a victim of theft or a discrepancy it is well worth the time and energy to resolve it appropriately.

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Credit Repair - A Process for Fixing Discrepancies in Your Credit Report
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