5 Tips for Finding the Best Bad Credit Credit Card


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Bad credit can be a difficult situation to get out of, but there are ways to get a new credit card and work on repairing your credit rating. Some companies may offer cards with low limits, high APRs, annual fees or all three. Others, like secured credit cards or prepaid debit cards, require a deposit before you can use the card. Here are five tips for how to choose the best bad credit card for you:

1. Consider your credit needs and habits. Do you need a card with a lower APR so you can carry a balance, or do you prefer a prepaid card where the money is paid ahead of time? Do you want a low credit limit, or are you just looking for a good balance transfer card? When you analyze your credit habits, it can help you to choose the option that will cost the least and do the most to help you build a better credit rating.

2. Consider which features are most important to you. Credit limit, APR, fees and penalties, rewards and extras can all be good to consider when deciding what’s best for you. Figure out which features are most important to you and you will be well on the way to picking the card you want.

3. Compare several cards to find the best one. The more cards you look at that fit your most important criteria, the more options you are likely to have in terms of preferred features.

4. Don't lose sight of what's important to you. It's easy to get distracted by special deals or extra services, but don’t let them lure you away from getting a card that really fits your needs.

5. Check several sources of information. The Federal Reserve publishes a survey of credit card terms every six months, and there are a wide range of websites that are useful for comparing cards available to you. If you run your search on more websites you may find even more options to consider.

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5 Tips for Finding the Best Contactless Credit Card
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