Can Gas Card Credit Card Offers Assist With Gas Purchases?


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If you plan on taking a road trip during these high gas prices times, maybe you should look at getting a Gas Credit Card that offer rebates.

Let's look at a few things you need to consider if you decide to move ahead and get yourself a Gas Credit Card:

1. What's the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) - In reviewing several gas cards, many of them offer a 0% introductory APR on balance transfers for up to six months to twelve months. The lower the APR the better for you. If you carry a balance then a low APR will save you a tremendous amount of money.

2. What are the Rebates - The rebates will generally occur when you purchase gas. The gas rebates range from 4% - 10%. There are also rebates when you purchase merchandise within the store at the gas station usually between 1% - 10%.

3. What's the annual fee - Over 95% of the gas cards I reviewed did not have an annual fee. So, that in itself saves you some money. The goal is to get an no annual fee gas card.

4. When do I receive my rebates - At least 75% of the cards reviewed automatically credit the rebates to your account at the time of purchase. This is an immediate savings! If it doesn't happen automatic then you don't want the gas card.

There are more things you should consider but the above are the basics. Just make sure you take your time and review various offers and make an informed decision.

Donovan Payne has been called the “Jack of all trades but the master of none" by many. Today, he laughs at those who made such statements and continues to increase his knowledge and share it with the world. Visit the Gas Card, Gas Credit Card Offer site to compare various gas card offers and hopefully save a few dollars on gas!


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