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How to Credit Repair - Collections, Duplicates, Charge offs Quickly

Rene C. Alexander

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This is a quick article on how to credit repair the most common problems on credit reports. I have been working on my own credit for a year now and have seen much improvement from where it was. If you want to gradually repair your credit, you can do it. Without the high cost of a company doing it for you! Spending a little time to understand credit will go a long way for you.

How to credit repair a collection or a charge off has changed because what credit repair used to rely on, delays aren't such a problem any more. Before, under any dispute for any reason, if a creditor took longer than 30 days to respond to an inquiry from a bureau, it had to be removed. Now this doesn't work as well. Information can be easily stored, accessed and provided to the bureau. You have to understand the laws on your side to better approach the situation. Being smart about it will take you in a much different route.

What you want to do now is not rely on the delay but on the probability that the creditor or collection companies don't have their files in order or complete. You want to request specific information from them such as proof of the debt, an accounting of the amount owed and from a collection company proof that you actually owe the money and they have the right to collect from you. A good credit manual can help you understand this and apply it to your situation.

How to credit repair a duplicate changes just slightly. Instead of asking for proof of the debt were going to be looking for violations of our rights. Many times we see duplicates and think, “Oh it's just the same account. " Well yes and no. It could be the same account, now, with a collection company. What you want to look for is the date of last activity. If you're original creditor is showing one date and the collection company is showing a later day, we have a problem. The collection company is in violation. By law they have to use the same date as the original creditor. If they don't they are damaging your credit by longer than the statute of limitations allows and that is a violation.

That's how you can have collections, duplicates and charge offs removed and your credit cleaned up. How to credit repair techniques are good knowledge to have. Your credit, being such a large part of your life should be in the best condition possible. At times it's difficult to maintain it. Things happen that are beyond our control. That doesn't mean you're doomed to bad credit. Look for options and be patient. It pays off.

Credit repair techniques change. Using the most current techniques to dispute correctly has worked well for me. I understand my credit now and strongly recommend consumers understand this critical aspect of their financial life. There's a lot of information out there. Below is what helped me the most.

Credit Repair Reviews

How to clean credit up.


Copyright 2010 Rene C. Alexander.


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