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Airmiles Credit Cards: A Smart Way to Save and Gain Rewards


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With the economy continuing on a downward slide it pays to take advantage of savings opportunities in every way possible. For some consumers this might simply entail cutting down on daily expenditures - such as food and utility bills - while for others saving means holding off on larger costs such as family holidays and investments. Still, for many consumers saving opportunities equate to being rewarded for essential day to day purchases.

An example of this can be found in an airmiles credit card. Airmiles credit cards reward credit card users with a certain number of airmiles for every pound they spend. So the more the credit card is used, the more airmiles the user will accrue.

Many airmiles credit cards will also offer rewards, along with a 0% initial interest rate on balance transfers - so consumers can earn simply for choosing to switch to a given airmiles card provider. Look out for even more offers on airmiles credit cards, such as no annual fee and double ‘miles’ for certain expenditures - such as those made abroad or at certain high street stores. Once you’ve accrued enough airmiles, you can redeem them on airline tickets, as well as on a range of activities to be enjoyed during holidays.

However, it’s important to remember that there’s a right and wrong way to use a rewards credit card. For instance, if you were to use your airmiles credit card on random purchases simply to accrue airmiles, you would defy the very purpose of the credit card - which is to be rewarded with something, rather than to pay for it. However, if you use the airmiles credit card on purchases you were going to make anyway - such as for food shopping or utility payments - you would accrue rewards more effectively.

What’s more, if you pay off your airmiles credit card balance at the end of each month, you won’t have to pay interest - which means you’d virtually be earning airmiles rewards for free.

However, that’s not to say that you shouldn’t use airmiles credit cards for larger purchases. After all, the bigger the purchase, the more airmiles you’ll accrue. Just as long as it’s a purchase you planned to make anyway, you’ll benefit from your airmiles credit card the smart way.

So, why not opt for an airmiles credit card, and gain rewards for day to day spending? It’s one of the smarter ways to benefit from credit card spending during the recession.

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Earn Airline Rewards With Credit Cards
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