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Jax Federal Credit Union - Are They the Top Credit Union Around?


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How does the Jax federal credit union compare to the other credit unions out there? First off, here are some quick things you should be aware of when it comes to credit unions in general, which will help you see if you want to go with one of these organizations versus the traditional bank.

A credit union is a private company very much run by the members, who vote on many of the important issues in the company, such as the top leaders, the interest rates they will charge, etc. many credit unions run on a not for profit basis, and most are very community oriented, and attempt to help those in need. Most of them are not as large as the average bank.

The difference, again, is that the credit unions policies are widely decided by those who have accounts with them, and they get to vote on the important issues that come up. Credit unions, in addition to offering credit at low rates, also are often into other financial areas, such as loans, banking, etc.

The jax federal credit union, located in Jacksonville Florida, is one such credit union. It only deals with certain groups of employees in the city, so if you don't fall into one of these categories, then you are out of luck as far as doing business with them.

The company has been around for 73 years, so they definitely know what they are doing, as they have much experience in the industry. This is always a plus; you don't want to go with a fly by night company still learning the ropes, as this can cost you.

The credit union contains more than thirty thousand members, primarily government employees, but they've recently added private companies to the mix as well. If you are one of the three hundred and twenty five new companies that they now deal with, you will likely be able ot work with them.

The jax federal credit union offers banking such as checking and savings accounts, investing services, and loans, so as long as you want anything other than a credit card, you are in luck. are they the right company for you? depending on what you are looking for, this is entirely possible.

They are known for their experience and customer service, so if you are looking for a credit union as opposed to a bank to keep your money with, and you meet he above qualifications, then the Jax federal credit union would certainly be a wise choice for you.

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