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Re-Establishing Your Credit After Divorce


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Getting a divorce can be tough in many ways. Depending on the situation, you'll lose half of your belongings, you'll see your kids less, and let's face it; it will really change your life. After living with someone for so long or even a little bit, it can be hard to make a change. The last thing on your mind is probably your financial situation.

Most people find it hard to focus on anything including their health and job situation and while it's easy to give up and just become a bum, it isn't the end of the world. The majority of this world gets a divorce, so you're not the only one and the best feeling in the world is to have a fresh start with everything, including your finances and if you find yourself in debt and you're looking to re-establish your credit after a divorce, here's what you do.

Cancel all joint credit cards - The first thing you'll want to do is cancel all of your joint accounts. This will include your credit cards, bank accounts, and anything else with both of your names on there. You'll want everything in your name only.

Get a job - If you were the member of the household not working at all, you'll probably want to go out and find your own job. Even if you're working under the table, you'll want to get something that's legit so that you can re-establish your credit. If you have something under the table, this won't help reestablishing your credit.

Get a credit card - If you don't have a credit card in your own name, you'll probably want to start looking for one. If you have shady credit, you may want to get a secured credit card. These cards are great for people looking to rebuild their credit. A secured credit card requires a deposit and this deposit will be your credit limit. If you don't pay your card off in time, the credit card company can simply dip into your deposit account and take the money they need.

Meet with your attorney - A divorce can be hard and if you already have an attorney for the process, you'll probably want to ask him/her about your finances. Your attorney will be able to guide you in the right path when it comes down to paying off your debt.

Consolidate your debt - Depending on how bad your debt is, you may want to get a debt consolidation company to work with you. These companies will be able to work with the credit card companies and help narrow down your debt. They work with the companies and try to work out a deal where you can pay a smaller but full amount. The credit card companies always want something in the long run, even if it's half the bill.

The main thing you need to remember when you're going through a divorce is to keep your head up high and think positive. As I mentioned above, so many people want to give up but don't be one of them. Instead, start fresh and start a new fulfilling life.

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How to Fix Your Credit Score After a Divorce
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