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Best Student Credit Cards - Not All Credit Cards For Students Are Created Equal


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What are the best student credit cards for you to use while in college? Finding the right cards during this time of your life is very important, as you probably don't have a lot of cash flow coming in.

Finding the right one can be a challenge, as more and more companies are targeting this crowd, and for good reason. Students represent a huge percentage of the population, so credit card companies are eager to capture this market.

The thing you need to be wary of is that most companies will lure college students in with a very low initial interest rate, which goes up dramatically when the initial period ends. Often times, these rates can be in the high teens, and seven over twenty percent in some cases, so be very careful and always read the fine print.

Typically, the top student credit cards exhibit an interest rate around fifteen percent, sometimes more, sometimes less. However, this is a good rule of thumb to look for. Make sure you find a credit card with a consistent rate, versus one that starts out low but goes up very quickly.

You need to understand that you will definitely pay a higher interest rate as a student versus an adult, simply because of your young age and un-established line of credit. You pose more risk to the credit card company, and there's simply no avoiding this.

However, when you search around, you can find reasonable rates, if you look hard enough. I'd recommend you go online at first, where you can quickly and easily compare 10-20 credit cards in an hour or less, and be approved within minutes.

The bottom line is, getting credit cards at a young age is definitely highly recommend, although many people disagree. You want to begin establishing credit as quickly as possible, and the only way to do this is with credit cards, of course.

Try and make as many purchases with a credit card as possible, as not only does this help you establish credit, but is much more convenient than lugging around cash everywhere you go. Hopefully this info will help you find the best student credit cards as quickly as possible.

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Credit Cards and Marketing to Students
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