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Tips That Will Raise Credit Score by 100 Points Ways to Improve Your Credit Score Naturally


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With many consumers continuing to hamper their ability to save money by falling deeper and deeper into debt due to relying on credit and overextending themselves learning how to raise their credit score by 100 points is becoming more important. Nationwide the average credit score is rapidly dropping and most lenders and loan providers are being forced to deny loan applications and requests for credit. Let's be honest, the financial knowledge and money management skills of the common consumer is not where it should be causing turmoil and financial distress in many.

In order to raise a credit score prior to applying for a new loan there are a few things everyone should implement before allowing the lending agencies or institutions to conduct a credit check them. As you can expect, the first item up for grabs is to order a copy of your free credit report from the three major credit bureaus in order to review it for any errors or inaccurate data. Numerous studies have shown nearly 7 out of every 10 credit reports contain bad information which negatively impacts approximately 25% of today's consumers.

Although it sounds bad there is actually a bit of good news. The credit bureaus are required by law (the Fair Credit Act) to review and respond to any inquiries or disputes you may have on your credit history or report within 30 days upon notification from the consumer.

With that said, once you have received your free annual credit report you will need to conduct a full review of your report in order to identify any inaccurate information or inefficiencies in your credit data in order to dispute these credit report errors with the credit bureaus.

The easiest way to perform this important task is to take out a highlighter and highlight any inaccurate information on your report making sure to annotate why the data is erroneous. This may include accounts marked as open when they are actually closed or vice-versa, late payments that never took place or in some extremes having the wrong account numbers or social security number on the file. You should also highlight any potential problem areas that you feel may be holding your credit score down.

Next you should start the dispute process with the credit bureaus. Because this action can require some time to complete (as long as 30 or more days) you should start this process immediately. Try to focus on the 2 or 3 items that you have deemed as the most harmful to your credit score and work to have them eradicated from your record first. While undergoing the dispute you can also see if you can increase your current amount of available credit by calling some of your lenders and asking to have your credit limit increased. This has the net effect of improving your credit to debt ratio which will immediately help improve your credit score.

For more ways to boost your credit report score by 100 points try visiting - a website that provides you the information you need to order your free credit reports and legally repair your credit report.


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