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2 Advanced Credit Score Repair Techniques Proven to Raise Your Credit Score Fast

Ian Hollander

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In this article I'd like to share 2 advanced credit score repair techniques that are guaranteed to raise your credit score fast. Simply stated, if you are sick and tired of mediocre credit repair strategies that simply take forever to work, you are probably going to like these 2 simple, but effective insider strategies. Not only are they often overlooked by mainstream credit repair clinics, they can be implemented in rapid fire turn around time for HYPER quick results. . :-) Read on as we take a quick look!

No Credit Check Catalog Cards that DO report to the Credit Bureaus

This one is SO simple it's almost like stealing points on your credit score! So many of us are conditioned to believe these sorts of offers are scams. . . and in one respect, they ARE! But. . . . if they DO report to the bureaus monthly, DON'T report as secured or otherwise “sub-prime" sorts of credit, they are HUGELY effective in rebuilding your credit in ways that might otherwise take 12 months of solid payments to a more traditional, (and lower limit) secured card you get in the mail.

Debt Validation Techniques

These are incredibly powerful, and will often kill two birds with one smooth stone as you get both harassment cessation, AND a nice bump in your credit score to boot! This is a little more of an advanced strategy, and requires a little bit of timing and technique, but is HUGELY effective at challenging the veracity of a debt with a collection agency, while simultaneously putting the weight of the FCRA on your side from the standpoint of a credit report deletion. Study UP on this and put it to good use. . . your score will thank you for it, I promise!

And Remember. . . Credit Repair is NOT difficult. Living with Bad Credit though. . . CERTAINLY IS. . :-)

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You won't find credit information THIS good, ANYWHERE else online, at any price. . . guaranteed!


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