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Dispute Credit Report How to Win

Ryan J. Taylor

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One of the fastest ways to raise your credit score is to dispute your credit report. Even if your file includes negative items that are truly yours, you can get them erased from your report for good. It is not difficult to dispute claims and get them removed. It just takes an understanding of the system and then using that system to your advantage.

How Dispute Credit Report Items and Win

Jim was a good person that was just very bad at managing his money after college. He didn't understand the problems not paying his bills on time would bring, and didn't actually believe his car would get repossessed for too many missed payment. Five years after his car was taken away, he was ready to buy his first house. Unfortunately, his credit score was so bad that no one would approve him for a loan.

Luckily, Jim stumbled upon the right information that allowed him to completely erase the repossession and every late payment from his file. In just 30 days he took his credit score from a 605 to a 710 and was instantly approved for the loan he needed to purchase his home.

How did he do it? He disputed those items and got them removed - even though they were true.

It happens all of the time, and you can do it too. By law, if you challenge any item on your file, the credit reporting bureau must investigate the claim. Within 30 days, they have to find hard evidence that the item is true. If not, it must immediately be removed from your report.

Consumers have the upper hand because there are a variety of reasons that the credit bureau will not find enough evidence to support the claim.

  1. The original loan was sold and documentation cannot be found
  2. You are no longer doing business with the lender, so they don't care to spend the time and paying an employee to dig up old cases
  3. You have since become an outstanding customer, and they are willing to help you out
  4. An employee that just doesn't care about his/her job receives your case and doesn't bother to put in the effort

There is a very good chance that the original lender just does not keep good records, and there's even a greater chance that they won't bother to put in the time try to fight back. They know it only takes you a written letter and costs them money.

There are specific strategies to dispute credit report claims that will quickly fix your rating and allow you to get approved for any loan you need. Download your copy of the FICO Formula and find out step-by-step how to beat the system. Get your copy here:


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Checking Your Credit Report Different Ways to Check Your Credit Report
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