Working as a Business Financial Adviser

Lora Davis

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In the financial sector of business, business financial advisor jobs entails the advisor giving advice and guidance for an organization or corporate entity. They help the business decide with to do with their assets and money. Some businesses today have full-time or in-house financial advisers. If this is the case then the business financial advisor will work with that particular company full time. They will also have a large degree of responsibility by working with the executives directly to help that particular business determine what financial decisions they have to make. This includes working with the chief financial officer and the chief executive officer. If it is a big company, there could be many financial advisors for various departments. If this is the case then the business financial advisor will work with their department head.

In the case of small businesses, they may not hire for full time business financial advisor jobs because they may not need one or they are too small to hire one full time. When this happens, they hire a business financial adviser when they need one. This advisor is self-employed. Being self-employed they may also work for wealth management firms, recruit small business clients, or work for a consulting firm. These business financial advisors are called into a company to provide financial guidance and advice on an as-needed basis. A self-employed business financial advisor may work with different companies, being paid an hourly rate salary. Sometimes their income is supplemented by commissions but it depends on the nature and situation of their business relationship.

No matter what type of work the business financial adviser jobs entail they usually all have some responsibilities in common, which can include helping:

• A company to set and assess their financial goals by helping the company set some profit targets for how much money they are going to need to make in order to remain viable financially.
• With investment allocation and asset allocation
• With profit projections along with evaluating funding for a given product or service

The extent of what the responsibilities of a business financial advisor depends a lot on the type of business they are working for along with the amount of assets the business has and the size of that particular business. It is very common in the sector of business financial adviser jobs for them to help the company they are working with to determine where their financial problems, if any, originated from and help them identify the areas they feel need improvement in their balance sheets and financial picture. They can also help them prepare disclosures of financial information or business plans. As a business financial advisor you should be well versed in economics, investments, principles of mathematics, and accounting.

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