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Using a Debt Settlement Company as a Bankruptcy Alternative


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With the number of home foreclosures on the rise, people are finding themselves deeper in debt than ever before. Individuals are being faced with having to seeking a solution to this financial problem and many are turning to the bankruptcy courts. Looking for a bankruptcy alternative is in your best interests. A bankruptcy can remain on your credit record for up to ten years. Besides that, bankruptcy is not the fresh start that it has been in the past.

If you find yourself faced with this financial decision, consider a debt settlement company as a bankruptcy alternative. Debt negotiation can have you out of debt in as little as a year and most these programs take no longer than 3 years. It all depends on how much debt you have and how fast you can save the money to pay it off.

Debt Settlement companies work with your creditors to have your account balances reduced. Many of them can get your bottom lines reduced by 50% or more, enabling you to pay it off quicker. Why a debt settlement company? They have an established relationship with most lenders can often negotiate a better deal than most people can on their own.

This alternative to Chapter 13 is just that-a last resort option, but it works. Debt settlement companies have helped thousands of people pay off their credit cards and begin living their lives without debt.

You must understand that this is probably not the best option for you if your bills are current. But there are people that have a large amount of outstanding liabilities that opt for debt settlement, because it is the quickest way out of their present financial dilemma.

Like anything, there are some disadvantages to debt settlement. The first is that it will impact your credit record negatively, but not as negatively as a bankruptcy. Once you are out of debt, you will be in a position to rebuild your credit. So the quicker you pay your accounts, the sooner you will be able to see your credit score improve.

Debt negotiation will work for most unsecured debt. This is your bankruptcy alternative to paying off your debt quickly and discreetly. If you have past due balances or owe a large amount of money you may want to consider a debt settlement company as an alternative to bankruptcy.

Using a debt settlement company is a bankruptcy alternative that can get you out of debt quickly. Sometimes it is hard to know which way to turn when financial help is needed.

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Arlene Schneider is an author that has worked in the finance industry for several years. She has developed several websites that provide debt settlement, credit counseling and debt relief information and suggestions.


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Avoiding Bankruptcy with Debt Settlement
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