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Top 10 Reasons to Stop Feeling Bad About Bankruptcy


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After helping so many people through the Arizona bankruptcy process for more than 15 years, the Arizona bankruptcy attorneys of Arizona Bankruptcy Now have seen firsthand the remorse and guilt experienced by debtors. Whether you're facing an Arizona foreclosure on your home, swamped in credit card debt, drowning in medical bills, or a combination of all three, here are the top 10 reasons to stop feeling bad about bankruptcy.

1. You do not lose everything just because you file bankruptcy. An experienced Arizona bankruptcy lawyer can help make sure you keep your house protected from bank foreclosure, as well as your vehicle and other possessions.

2. If you're considering bankruptcy, the reason was probably beyond your control. Most people who file do so because of medical expenses not covered by insurance, job loss and divorce. You don't “deserve" this situation, so stop beating yourself up.

3. You're not alone. Here in Arizona, bankruptcy filings are higher than the national average, including those who would otherwise lose their homes to bank foreclosure.

4. Say goodbye to the anxiety and stress from collection phone calls and letters, as your creditors are prohibited from contacting you after a bankruptcy filing.

5. Many bankruptcy cases take just a few months, after which you can start rebuilding your credit right away.

6. You need not feel pressured to “do the right thing" by repaying your debt through Consumer Credit Counseling. Yes, they're non-profit organizations, but they're funded by credit card companies. That's why their repayment plans so often fail - they're set up by counselors who care more about getting creditors their money than helping you.

7. Repaying your debt through a Consumer Credit Counseling plan does not look better than bankruptcy on your credit report. Not only are all of your credit accounts closed through a Consumer Credit Counseling plan, but it also stays on your credit report for seven years, and is a bigger red flag to creditors than bankruptcy.

8. You need not be intimidated by the bankruptcy process. As long as you have an experienced attorney who understands the law, the process should be relatively simple and straightforward.

9. Bankruptcy law exists for a reason - to give you a fresh start. If your debt far exceeds your ability to pay it within a reasonable amount of time, bankruptcy is your legal right to seek relief and take back your life.

10. The longer you put off the inevitable, the longer you have to wait for relief. If you know you will not be able to pay off your debt as it stands now, do yourself a favor and explore your bankruptcy options with a knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer today.

Attorney Kirk Guinn advises and assists individuals and families statewide in Arizona with legal questions and concerns relating only to bankruptcy and real estate. He answers all questions and knowledgeably explains the tough questions that exist about bankruptcy and the new laws associated with it.


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