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Can I File For Bankruptcy For Free?

Joseph Then

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Filing bankruptcy can be a costly process. Many people wonder if they can file bankruptcy for free. This is a tricky question and one that may not make some people too happy. Read on to learn the answer to - Can I file bankruptcy for free?

The New Laws

The new bankruptcy laws have added more cost to filing bankruptcy, much to the dismay of filers. The new laws require you to take credit classes. These classes are not free and for someone with severe financial issues they can be more than they can afford.

Most people will have to pay for the classes which average around $60. Some people, though, may be able to get them for free. If you have an attorney form a free legal aid program or you are otherwise proven to be low income then you can get the classes for free through a waiver program.

Legal Representation

Most people need the help of a lawyer to file bankruptcy. This can get expensive. There may be an option for free legal counsel through a state program. You may end up having to go on a waiting list, though. For the majority of people free legal counsel just will not be available.

Filing Costs

There is no way to get past the costs of filing the bankruptcy case in court. Everyone must pay. There is, however, an option that may allow you to get your fees waived, but this is very rare and most people must pay upfront or through a payment plan.

So, the answer to the question - Can I file bankruptcy for free? - is probably no. Unless you are very low income your chances for getting the credit classes, a free attorney and your fees waived is not very good. In general you will have to pay something. It can vary, but the credit classes and filing costs alone are going to be about $300. Attorney fees vary greatly, so you may be looking at another $500 to $700 or even more.

Bankruptcy is not cheap. That is why there are some special programs for low income people that helps take the cost down or eliminate them. So, the true answer to ‘Can I file bankruptcy for free?’ is actually yes - you just have to meet the special requirements.

It can be complicated. The only way to find your answer to this question is to check it out for yourself.

It is a tricky question if you ask about filing bankruptcy for free. However, you can get other information on bankruptcy for free before you decide on anything. Visit my website for more information on bankruptcy at:


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