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Getting the Equipment that Makes You Money


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In the current financial climate, businesses are always looking for way to increase their client base and find new revenue streams. Certainly in the medical aesthetics industry, advancements in technology have businesses looking to update their equipment to keep up with the demand for innovation.

For many businesses, investing in new equipment can immediately help to expand their product offering and boost their top line revenue. The problem for many small to medium businesses is that a capital investment often requires a large upfront payment which can have a substantial impact on short term cash flow.

So how can your business get the equipment it needs to make money?

Equipment financing to boost your revenue for the long term

One of the easiest ways to get the equipment you need to keep your cash flowing is to consider an operating lease for the asset you need. From IPL and laser machines to microdermabrasion equipment to fat cavitation machines, equipment financing is available to allow you to shop for the make and model you want from the supplier of your choice.

By leasing the equipment instead of purchasing, you’ll be making convenient monthly payments for the use of the asset for its useful life. This can easily be forecasted into your financial balance sheets to make it easy to keep your monthly expenditure in control and calculate your return on investment.

An example of how it could work

Rejuvenex is a skin care clinic that has just upgraded its facilities to the brand new Spectrum 2000 IPL machine. Rejuvenex chooses to lease the equipment for a 36 month term instead of purchasing it upfront. Consider leasing the monthly cost of leasing a $22,000 IPL machine for company.

- Monthly repayments: $898/ month*
- Average charge for a full leg laser: $350/treatment – recommended 6 treatments for ideal results

If Rejuvenex had just one client sign up for a complete full leg laser treatment package every 2 months, the equipment would already be paying for itself.

Plus, leasing is an operational expense and therefore may be tax deductible. For Rejuvenex, their monthly after tax payments are estimated at just $628.32, which means they’ll already making money from that one client every 2 months.

Leasing is the smart way to get the equipment you need – so you can start making money for your business right away.

Find out how you can start making more money for your business with medical aesthetics equipment leasing for assets like tattoo removal machines – visit au


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