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Ever-Evolving Expertise Makes Sightline Payments LLC an Industry Leader


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There are many gaming-transaction providers, but one company in particular delivers ever-evolving expertise alongside its products: Sightline Payments LLC. The Las Vegas-based company offers higher quality cash-access and ticket-redemption solutions at lower prices than other providers, plus it continuously assesses issues affecting the casino industry so that it can quickly adjust products when necessary. And, Sightline Payments LLC doesn’t just share its expertise with clients, it publishes regularly on gambling-transaction topics so that potential clients also can see why Sightline Payments LLC leads its industry. For example: When the state of California issued an executive order requiring the Department of Social Services to ensure that California electronic benefits transfer (EBT) cards cannot access cash benefits from ATMs in gambling establishments, Sightline Payments LLC published a brief about it on its blog, “Bunch of Zeros. ” The post let clients and potential clients know that Sightline Payments LLC already blocks access to ATM transactions for EBT cards in casinos across the country.

Sightline Payments LLC also posted on “Bunch of Zeros” about the impact that Amendment 3812 to Senate bill 3217 would have on casino ATM commissions: It would reduce the surcharge or access fees assessed at ATM terminals in casinos to no more than $.50 per transaction. Sightline Payments LLC put forth arguments against the amendment and made suggestions to casino owners as to how they could best educate legislators in the states in which they operate about the negative impact it would have on casino owners and their patrons, aka their constituents. When the Department of Justice signed additional American Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations concerning ATMs in financial institutions, Sightline Payments LLC announced it would continue to monitor the situation so that if these regulations were extended to casinos, it would be ready to make the necessary adjustments as the DOJ did not provide exemptions for existing ATMs.

It later updated the post to let clients know that an advanced notice for proposed rulemaking has been published for comments regarding applying these regulations to off-premise ATMs such as those found within casinos. These are just a few examples of how Sightline Payments LLC stays on top of the issues affecting the casino industry, so that it may continuously evolve along with it. Founder and chief executive officer Kirk Sanford shares the expertise he has gained during his many years in the gaming-transaction industry, as do executive vice president of business development Tom Sears and executive vice president of sales Diran Kludjian. Combined, the three industry leaders give Sightline Payments LLC more experience than any other company of its kind. The result: high-quality gaming-transaction products at low prices, plus the reliability, security and access required by the casino industry. About Sightline Payments LLC: The targeted mission of Sightline Payments LLC is to be one of the gaming industry's preferred cash-access and ticket-redemption providers by focusing on delivering outstanding value, continuous innovation, exceptional guest experience, and consistently fulfilling a customer-focused promise.

For more information about the company and its products, visit Sightline Payments LLC is headquartered in Las Vegas, NV.


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