Impulse Spending Will Sink You Deeper Into Debt

Abdul Rahim Suhailie

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Be honest to yourself, answer Yes or NO to these questions:-

1. ) You spend too much money on some things unnecessary and your partner complains about it?

2 . ) Do you have more clothes and shoes in your closet than you could ever possibly need?

3. ) You are shocked every month when your credit card bill arrives at how much you spend than you thought you had?

4. ) Do you own every new gadget before it has time to collect dust on a retailer's shelf?

5. ) Do you notice things you didn't need until you saw them collecting dust in your store?

6. ) Are you struggling to pay your credit card debt and your bills keep filling up?

If you answered “yes" to any two of the above questions, you are an impulse spender and indulge yourself in self destructive attitude to financial disaster.

In the long run, this habit will cost you dearly and is bad for your financial health. It will deny you from saving for the important necessities like a house, vacation, a new car and a saving for your retirement.

You must set some financial goals and discipline yourself in not spending money on stuffs really don't affect your life in the long run.

Temptation to have many things in life is human instinct. The trick is to differentiate what you really needs before you buy anything that you have not planned for. Impulse spending will not only put a strain on your finances but your relationships, as well.

Set yourself a goal like " I will never buy things I never plan to buy". Set your budget every month and never spend beyond it.

Take only enough cash when you go shopping to pay for what you have planned to buy. Do not bring your credit cards with you.

By following this simple solution, you will do yourself a big favor in building better relationships with your partner/spouse and a better financial standing in the long run.

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Good Spending Habits Must Accompany Debt Consolidation
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