Treat Money Well To Attract More

Rebecca Hanson

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Your ability to attract money has a lot to do with how you behave toward it.

The Law of Attraction works to send you more of what you think, feel and do. So the way you deal with money has a direct relation to how easily and abundantly it comes to you.

Imagine that money is a guest in your home and ask yourself: Would I treat a guest the way I treat money? Here are three ways we can show hospitality to guests - and money.

First, welcome your guests. Truly appreciate, from your heart, each visit and every visitor. A friend of mine welcomes money to his home by displaying each check he receives on a coffee table in his living room. He spends a few days appreciating his “guest" before depositing it into his bank account.

Since I receive most of my income electronically, I keep a spreadsheet of every transaction that comes my way. I love watching the total grow and I appreciate each person through whom the money came to me.

Second, remember that guests like to go places and do things and buy stuff. Money loves to go to restaurants, amusements and specialty shops. But money doesn't discriminate between pleasurable and “have to" activities. It also enjoys visits to the power corporation, the phone company and the firm that holds your mortgage. Money simply loves to be in circulation. It looks for people who understand that the more money you circulate, the more money you attract to circulate.

Third, a guest who has been treated well will tell others and soon you'll have MORE guests. Money that is enjoyed, spent, circulated or given will attract MORE money. Actually, it's your attitude of enjoyment, pleasure, excitement or delight with money that attracts MORE money to you. There are so many ways that you can make money feel like a treasured guest. Start by appreciating ALL the money that comes to you. If you find a penny or a dime, pick it up and celebrate how easy it is for money to find you! Spend time valuing every refund or coupon that you receive. Do something special with your paycheck or other forms of income. Record in a journal or notebook all the unusual ways you attract money. Notice how easily it comes to you when you are happy, joyous and open-handed about money. Perhaps you're thinking, “I could treat money well if I had a lot of money. " The truth is, you have to treat money well in order to have an abundance of it.

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Rebecca is leading a training course for Coaches, Therapists, Nurses and other Professionals who are ready to make a paradigm shift within themselves (a change from one way of thinking to another) to better serve their clients or patients.


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