Before You Say No See 7 Reasons Why You Should 'Roll Your Own' Reverse Mortgage

Mike Makler

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Reverse Mortgages are popular ways for Seniors to continue to Live in their Homes and still take advantage of the Equity Build up in the form of Monthly payments. Using the Simple Steps in this Article you can create your own ‘Reverse Mortgage’ and Save Money while Increasing your Monthly Income.

A Reverse mortgage actually consists of 2 Parts

  • a Mortgage
  • a Guaranty Monthly Payment for life also known as an Annuity

It is very Simple to Build your own ‘Reverse Mortgage. ’ Refinance your House and then Purchase an Annuity. Here are 7 reasons why should should Create your own ‘Reverse Mortgage'

1 - You Have Much More Control

By Building your own reverse Mortgage you are in control. You have much more flexibility. You can Customize the Reverse Mortgage to better fit your situation.

2 - Many More Lender Choices

Only a handful of Lenders do Reverse Mortgages. By Building your own Reverse Mortgage you can choose from a much larger selection of lenders. This often allows you to get a Mortgage loan with lower fees and lower monthly payment then in a Traditional Reverse Mortgage.

3 - You Pick the Loan Type

You get to pick a loan that fits your current situation best

  • Do you want a 15 or 30 Year Loan?
  • Do you want a Fixed or Adjustable rate loan?
  • Do you want an Interest only Loan?

You may want to consider one of these 2 Popular Loan Options not normally available in a traditional Reverse Mortgage. They often result in a higher net Monthly payment to you because of a significantly lower monthly Mortgage payment.

  • Low Fixed Monthly Payments for 5 Years, Currently you can Get a Loan based on a 1.95% Payment for 5 Years. Then In 5 Years you can do it again or change to a different mortgage type

  • Interest Only for 15 Years. Sure you can redo this one every 15 years

4 - Things Change As your house gains Equity you can continue to Refinance and Increase Your Monthly Annuity Payments. If a better mortgage becomes available you can Refinance to take advantage of the Savings. Because you are in control you can evaluate your situation every year or so and change to meet your new needs if necessary.

5 - Many More Annuity Choices

You can Pick one Annuity or Diversify with more then one Annuity the choice is yours. You can take Payments starting now or wait for later.

6 - The Bonus Annuity

With Bonus Equity Indexed Annuities from popular insurance companies You can have it all. A way to earn some huge Gains from the Stock market while being totally insulated from any downside risk and a Bonus of up to 10% of all money added in the first 5 Years. (This Article explains Equity Indexed Annuities

7 - You Save Money

It is often much cheaper to Build your own Reverse Mortgage by finding the ‘best Mortgage’ and ‘best Annuity’ for you.

You worked hard all of your life to buy and pay off that dream home, why not build your own Reverse Mortgage to improve your quality of life and still maintain control of your Prized asset.

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Mike Makler is a Financial Consultant in the St Louis Missouri Area Specializing in Real Estate Loans and Annuities. To Learn More Call Mike at 314 398-5547 or Visit Mike's Web Page:

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