Understanding the Pulse of a Donor


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If you want to be a successful fundraiser, you’ll need to learn and feel how a donor thinks and acts, on so many requests for funds. If you make an attempt to feel the pulse of a donor, you have probably taken the first big step in realizing your dream. Donors come in different forms and objectives; most of them are well to do private foundations and charitable trusts, which work as non profit entities, with a mind to help those needy causes. Did you ever know that there are almost 63,000 private and community foundations in the United States alone, and about 10,000 of them in the most advanced countries?

There are five types of foundations:

1. Individual or family foundations, which usually operate as trusts or foundations. Notable examples are Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Schultz Foundation.
2. Corporate Foundations established by corporations and industries. Examples are Sallie Mae and Sears, Roebuck and Co.
3. Operating Foundations established to establish to operate research, social welfare, or other charitable programs. Examples are Downing Foundation and Heartwood Foundation.
4. Community Foundations supported by and operated for the benefit of a specific community or region. Some of the examples are Minnesota Community Foundation and Hawaii Community Foundation.
5. Non Governmental Organizations operating across the borders and countries, for international community. Examples are Rotary International and Lions International.

However, you can also tap individuals and small donors in your own hometown and they’ll be too happy to lend a hand of support for your noble cause.

What do donors look for in a fundraiser?

Donors usually operate strictly on the basis of their objectives and goals; they will first ascertain that the purpose of an organization or project matches their interests. They’ll also ascertain that a fundraiser is well known in his/her community and that it relates to an existing or pressing need. This literally means that before you attempt to raise funds, you’ll need to project yourself a responsible entity, with a mind to serve a noble cause.

How do donors give funds?

Donors usually give donations, gifts, estates, cash support, in-kind support, research grants, matching grants, donations-in-kind, medical supplies, relief materials and logistic support. However, donors have their mode of disbursing help, depending on legal and accounting norms.

What are the basic approaches which must be followed?

1. Subject approach, which identifies donors, who have expressed a keen interest in funding programs.
2. Geographic approach, which identifies funding opportunities in a particular geographical area.
3. Type of support approach, which identifies funding chances based on a specific support program.
4. Random approach, which identifies random donors, who just want to donate something for a noble cause. These donations are smaller in nature and amount.

However, remember that there is fierce competition for different types of funding, which are dished out by so many different foundation and trusts. With careful planning and a bit of dedication, it shouldn’t be too difficult to lay your hands on a good non profit fund.

Daniel J Lesser is the creator of FundraisingInfoSite.com A whole world awaits people if they can gain greater funding. Find out how you can expand their horizons at http://www.fundraisinginfosite.com .


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