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A Free Living Will is a will that you have drawn up on your own and had your family members and loved ones sign. Be wary, not everyone can draw up a will properly and if you decide to draw up a free one, you should know the risk involved.

A Free Living Will can be tested just as a regular Living Will can be. If you choose something in the will that someone else doesn’t agree with and they have legal claims that are admissible in court, then it can be brought before a judge and even over turned. To do a Free Living Will you need to know what is in a Living Will.

A Living Will is also known as a will to live. Simply put if you are seriously injured then you can decide if you want advanced care or even if you wish for them to not fight for your life if there is no hope. A living will generally states who has Power of Attorney and what legal instructions are involved.

A Living Will tells the doctors and your family what you want done and what treatments you wish to take place. It can also state your religious preferences and whether you would like your Preacher or Priest around. You can even state the degree of how little treatment you want down to whether you want food and water given to you. If you choose to refuse treatment then there are specific forms that will have to fill out and if you are not capable your Power of Attorney will be the one you designate to sign those forms. Many use a Living Will to be ensured that if they are seriously injured or suffer a debilitating disease that they are cared for.

In other countries, such as the Netherlands they can state whether they want to be put to sleep or Euthanasia. They accomplish this by signing a Euthanasia Directive. This takes at least two doctors to agree that the patient is not savable. The second Doctor has to come to this conclusion without influence and cannot be related in any way to the Patient or the other doctor, including working in the same hospital.

Now here is something to consider, did you know that even though most states recognize a Living will many people have had to make the decision whether to pull the plug or not about someone they loved. Now, if you wished to literally be a DNR or did not want the doctors to fight for you, then would you be willing to leave that horrendous decision up to your loved one in a very heart wrenching time.

The concept of providing Free Living Will was introduced by the Connecticut Attorney Generals Office so people who could not afford an attorney could still have say so when they can no longer speak for themselves. You need to check with your own States Attorney Office to see if a Free Living Will is available where you live.

Also you might want to consider a Living Will if you are someone who never gives up and wants every possible option available to them. A living will means that you have a chance now to tell people and the doctors to fight for you with everything and anything available.

You might not want to think about the inevitable, you may be one of those who believes if I don’t worry about it then it wont bother me, however everyone eventually dies, and some reach that point early than others. However, the fact of life is that it does eventually end, and if you are not prepared than it can make it harder on your loved ones.

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